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EP-Link sets compliance as one of the important management themes and promotes operation in compliance with laws and regulations. Establishing the Code of Business Conduct as fundamental principles for the behavior of employees and directors, we have developed a compliance system to reinforce the operation in compliance with laws and regulations.
EP-Link ensures implementation of the operation in compliance with laws and regulations, strives to improve corporate value and to be a company that is trusted by stakeholders including customers.

Code of Business Conduct (Basic Policy)

  1. 1.EP-Link complies with laws, regulations, and company rules, keeps high ethical standards, and practices appropriate behavior that follows social norms.
  2. 2.EP-Link provides high-quality service trusted by customers.
  3. 3.EP-Link appropriately trades with customers, competitors, partners, following rules for fair and free competition, fair trade and other social norms.
  4. 4.EP-Link actively tackles environmental protection issues.
  5. 5.EP-Link refuses any relationships with anti-social forces.
  6. 6.EP-Link appropriately controls About Us and discloses accurate and relevant information.
  7. 7.EP-Link appropriately manages and protects confidential information and personal information that belong to customers, competitors, and partners.
  8. 8.EP-Link appropriately controls company assets.
  9. 9.EP-Link respects human rights of each employees and each other, and secures safe and easy-to-work workplace environment.

Compliance Promotion Initiative

EP-Link implements the following initiatives to promote compliance with laws and regulations:

  • Distribute “Compliance Handbook”, a guide for practicing provisions stipulated in the Code of Business Conduct, to all employees and promote thorough awareness of its contents.
  • In order to encourage awareness of compliance, regularly hold compliance study sessions.
  • While checking compliance status and actual implementation of the compliance study sessions, check the understanding level about compliance among employees.
  • Provide internal and external contact points to receive reports and consultations regarding compliance violations.

Promotion System

Promotion System

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