New Value Creation

EP-Link continues to create new values and never stops its progress, valuing link that connects the past to the present and into the future.

In 1999, at the dawn of the SMO industry, we founded our company as EP-Link.
This year, marking the 25th anniversary of our company's founding, in order to go back to the starting point of the company, we have decided to change the company name back again from EP-SOGO to EP-Link Co., Ltd.

The meaning that we have put into the word "Link" again is "bond, circle, and ring".
This is our desire to connect and bring together all stakeholders involved in clinical trials, including patients, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Based on our belief in "bringing new drugs as soon as possible to patients who are waiting for them", which has been unchanged since our founding, EP-Link will continue to develop and seek solutions as a solution provider in the health industry, while also "linking” with other companies in the EPS Group.
We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Kenichi Yamamoto

Representative Director
EP-Link Co., Ltd.

Kenichi Yamamoto

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