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EP-Link has numerous experienced Clinical Research Coordinators to support clinical trials

A Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) provides on-site support for clinical trials, working under instruction of investigators. Over 1,000 CRCs works for EP-Link to handle every type of clinical trials including therapeutic areas requiring advanced expertise such as oncology and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, through human resource development that also emphasizes communication, EP-Link has also trained CRCs to provide subjects with emotional support and to assist the conduct of safe and smooth clinical trials from various aspects.

EP-Link’s CRC Service Structure

  • More than 1,200 CRCs nationwide

    EP-Link has many CRCs who can work on therapeutic areas that require a high-level expertise. EP-Link has offices nationwide and can handle clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas in various geographic regions.

  • Training of highly specialized CRCs

    CRCs require a wide range of specific knowledge, including not only knowledge of medicine and pharmacology, but also knowledge of GCP-related regulations. In addition, they must be able to coordinate and manage as a "bridge" between pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions, and they need various qualities for the mental and physical care of patients, such as good communication skills and high ethical standards. In order to train CRCs who can support the smooth and appropriate progress of clinical trials by acquiring a wide range of knowledge and qualities, EP-Link has established its own training system with a focus on continuity and practicality.

  • Extensive training to develop oncology expert CRCs

    EP-Link has overwhelming strength in the field of oncology, and to continuously develop the professional CRCs who can handle oncology clinical trials, in-house training sessions are regularly held with external trainers who are experts in the field of oncology such as an oncologist. In addition, EP-Link actively encourages CRCs to participate in local and international academic conferences, etc., and works on training projects in collaboration with medical institutions specializing in oncology, in order to develop CRCs with a wealth of expertise in the field of oncology.

  • English translation support team established for global studies

    EP-Link has established an in-house English translation support team to assist the smooth conduct of global studies. In addition, to ensure that staff members have the English language skills necessary to assist global studies, EP-Link has provided English language trainings and an English learning application to develop personnel who are capable of handling global studies.

Some of main duties of the CRCs are

  • Before starting a clinical trial

    • Preparation of the informed consent form
    • Preparation of the clinical trial materials
    • Training required for executing the clinical trial
    • Coordination and communication with the trial site
    • Participation in the startup meeting
  • During the clinical trial

    • Support to check the eligibility of the subject
    • Support for the informed consent
    • Schedule management of the clinical trial
    • Support to create the case report form (EDC entry)
    • AE administration
    • Attendance to monitoring / direct access
  • After the trial is complete

    • Arrangement or return of the clinical trial materials
    • Support to create the end-of-study report
    • Arrangement of documents to be archived
    • Attendance to audits and regulatory inspections

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