Patient Centricity
Supporting Drug Development Based on Patients' Voices

Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) is a method of drug development based on the concept of Patient Centricity that allows subjects to participate in clinical trials without having to regularly visit the site.

Patients' Voices

  • "Due to illness and the environment in which I live, it is difficult for me to make regular (frequent) visits to the hospital."

  • "I don't want to burden my family with the transportation."

  • "I would like to reduce hospital visits in terms of infection control."

EP-Link supports DCT promotion.
-Clinical trials that do not rely on visits to the site-


The spread of the concept of Patient Centricity and the use of digital technology will decentralize clinical study-related activities, reduce the frequency of hospital visits, and enable patients who could not previously participate due to disease or circumstance to participate. Clinical studies can be conducted in a patient-centered setting that does not depend on visits to the hospital by conducting the clinical trial activities stipulated in the protocol at the family doctor's office or at the subject's home, etc.

From institution-centered to patient-centered clinical trials

EP-Link's DCT Support

EP-Link offers the most appropriate DCT scheme.

  • Make family doctors' facilities partner sites

    By making sites supported by EP-Link across the country partner sites, EP-Link makes it easier for patients to access clinical trials and promote enrollment.

  • Online medical care

    Aiming to improve convenience and satisfaction for subjects, EP-Link supports the establishment and operation of an optimal online medical care system for clinical trials, while complying with laws and regulations.

  • Home nursing

    Covering a wide range of regions, EP-Link flexibly responds to your needs, including specialized education related to clinical trials for home nursing staff, as well as medical institutions and family doctors.

  • Digital devices
    Remote consent and eWorksheet

    EP-Link flexibly supports various systems with its extensive experience in using eConsent and eWorksheet.

  • Drugs and materials

    EP-Link supports the smooth implementation of delivery of investigational drugs to subjects' homes, management of test materials, and transportation of samples.


Key points of EP-Link's DCT support

EP-Link's DCT scheme, which boasts a wide range of disease areas and the industry's largest network of medical institutions covering the entire country, brings you:

  • Opportunities for patients who have had difficulty participating in clinical trials due to geographical factors to participate in clinical trials.
  • Improvement in subject enrollment and operational efficiency.
Participation in Clinical Trials in Remote Areas

EP-Link facilitate home-based clinical trials in remote areas by utilizing our nationwide network.

Responding to the Subject's Needs

Supporting patient-centered clinical trials. EP-Link supports clinical trials in the homes of subjects for whom hospital visits are burdensome.

EP-Link will continue to work
with you to maximize the benefits for all stakeholders.
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