The Patient and Public Involvement(PPI) Service


Supporting drug development based on the patient's voice, something only EP-Link can do

The PPI Service supports pharmaceutical companies in their efforts to promote patient and public involvement and patient-focused drug development. EP-Link's CRCs contribute to the development of high-value drugs by providing pharmaceutical companies with the opinions of patients and their families, the "voices" obtained through dialogue, and the needs of medical institutions.

What only EP-Link can do

- Utilize a network of approximately 7,000 partner medical institutions
- Covers a wide range of areas from lifestyle-related diseases to cancer, rare diseases, etc.
- More than 1,200 CRCs nationwide support the service.

Services offered by PPI Service

01.Patient Interview Service

EP-Link's CRCs collect the real voices of patients and their families through interviews and provides them to pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies can incorporate the voices and perspectives of patients into their clinical trial plans.
The interviews are carried out at our partner medical institutions, making the process smooth. Interviews are conducted by EP-Link's CRCs who have a trusting relationship with patients, so they can elicit candid opinions from patients. In collaboration with partner medical institutions, EP-Link provides total support from the planning stage to patient selection, interview response, and report writing.

02.CRC Opinion Exchange Service

EP-Link's CRCs, who support clinical trial practices on site, deliver requests and opinions from the medical institution side to pharmaceutical companies. Requests and opinions can be used in many situations, such as reflecting them in clinical trial protocols and informed consent documents, and improving systems and tools used by trial subjects. EP-Link also presents safety and quality control risks at an early stage and propose strategies to avoid them. For each event, EP-Link provides total support from preparation to post-event reporting by selecting the most suitable members to meet the client's needs.

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