A next-generation remote SDV system
that enables direct and secure access to source documents
such as electronic medical records from remote locations

SYNOV-R is the only remote SDV system in Japan that can be used safely without intersecting networks inside and outside the medical institution because the network is separated by the physical layer at the Isolate Center. In addition to this "robust security," the service also enables users' "browsing control" and "browsing management" through a two-factor authentication when connecting and a usage reservation function.
With the introduction of this system, detailed management can be performed even when viewed remotely, making clinical trial work more efficient and faster.


Received the Excellence Award
at the 9th Monodzukuri Japan Grand Prix

Contents of the award: "Clinical Trial DX: Improving the efficiency of the pharmaceutical clinical trial process with convenience and ultra-high security that overturns common sense"

At the 9th Monodzukuri Japan Grand Prix, sponsored by four ministries (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the group in EP-Link's that developed this system received the Excellence Award in recognition of its efforts to contribute to the efficiency of the pharmaceutical clinical trial process, such as the development of SYNOV-R, a revolutionary tool that significantly shortens the clinical development period.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Want to reduce the time it takes to view the source document

  • Unable to secure a viewing space in the hospital

  • Want to check the source document whenever I have a concern

With SYNOV-R, you can view the source documents
as if you were on-site even in a remote environment, streamlining clinical trial work.

Why choose SYNOV-R?

  • Electronic medical records can be viewed in exactly the same way as on-site monitoring.

    Screen transfer provides the same display and operability as a medical institution's PC. This allows you to check smoothly even from a remote location.

  • Can be used with all electronic medical record systems regardless of the type of electronic medical record

    SYNOV-R is a system that directly accesses the electronic medical record PC in a medical institution and operates it from a remote location. It can be used regardless of the type of electronic medical record system.

  • Management of users by SYNOV-R reservation system

    The system controls and manages the browsing so that it can only be viewed under reserved conditions. It also has a function to manage the user's audit trail, achieving high security and convenience.

  • Multi-display support remote browsing is possible on two screens (multiple screens)

    Since different screens can be displayed on two displays at the same time, SDV can be performed efficiently.

  • The first remote work product with personal information leakage insurance

    Cyber insurance included
    Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.'s personal information leakage insurance is included.
    * Official name: SPG-Remote Medical for SYNOV-R

  • Satellite viewing rooms (remote SDV implementation rooms) set up in Tokyo and Osaka

    EP-Link manages and operates dedicated viewing rooms, and provide high-security equipment not only in the system but also in the browsing environment.

Key points of security

Usage of satellite viewing rooms
in Tokyo and Osaka

At EP-Link, the viewing room where SYNOV-R can be used is operated and managed by dedicated staff. With an emphasis on security, we have established and provided management procedures such as user identity verification, and we accept use not only for SYNOV-R and other companies' remote SDVs, but also for other purposes. If you wish, please contact our sales representative or "Contact Us" below.

EP-Link Satellite Viewing Room

Access Control of Satellite Viewing Rooms

Before entering the room, the identity of the person is verified using a picture ID and recorded in the management book.

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